Definitions for "Grid"
a mesh or coil of fine wire in an electron tube, connected to the circuit so as to regulate the current passing through the tube.
any network of crossing horizontal and vertical lines; -- they are used, for example, as reference coordinates to locate objects or places on a map.
a network of connected conductors for distributing electrical power, especially one using high-tension lines for wide geographic distribution of power; as, the Northeast power grid.
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A grating of thin parallel bars, similar to a gridiron.
The latticework of metal rods that holds food on a grill; is also referred as grill grate.
a short bar used to separate glass in a sash into multiple lites (also called grille or muntin)
GIS data layer in raster format (cell-based representation)
Fitting Before TrueType glyphs are rasterized they go through a process called grid fitting where a tiny program (associated with each glyph) is run which moves the points on the glyph's outlines around until they fit the pixel grid better.
A data structure that uses rectangular units or grid cells arranged in rows and columns to represent map features. Also known as a raster.
from " I. Foster, C. Kesselman. -The Grid: Blueprint for a New Computing Infrastructure": "A computational grid is a hardware and software infrastructure that provides dependable, consistent, pervasive, and inexpensive access to high-end computational capabilities."
An infrastructure of computing resources, such as storage and processing units, that is transparently made available to the user through a network. The term "grid" originates from the analogy of the electric grid, as the idea is to make computing just as ubiquitous and easy to use.
A distributed computing architecture that will enable virtual (i.e. independent of the physical location and time zone distribution of its members) teams of researchers to collaborate on the bigger challenges in many disciplines.
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Wooden or metal slats used to mount the pulley blocks of the flying system
Wooden or steel framework above large stages for suspending all equipment, scenery and lighting; used for storage between scenes.
A floor high above the stage and often made of metal on which hardware is mounted to facilitate the raising and lowering of scenery and other objects.
An arrangement of pipes placed in two directions perpendicular to each other, often in a pattern of 4'x 4'squares. Typical in a television studio or black box theatre.
A system of plastic pipes that look like a tic-tac-toe board; it is set up over an excavation site.
Identifies a geographical zone for reporting area source emissions. The grid squares used in this report are 100 by 100 km.
(n) A regular pattern of points or lines used to help locate and orient specific marks or features or to help guide the development of sketches and roughly proportion features.
a combination of non-printing margins, columns, and guides used as the underlying framework of a page (A)
non-printing guides, including column guides and ruler guides, that aid in structuring page layouts.
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(1) The completed assembly of main and cross tees in a suspended ceiling system before the ceiling panels are installed; (2) the decorative slats (munton) installed between glass panels
A criss-cross arrangement of pipes near the ceiling of a studio used primarily to hang lights.
Structural system of main beams, cross tees, and associated hardware which hangs from the deck above and supports lay-in, concealed or surface attached ceiling panels.
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The starting line-up, based on the fastest single lap by each car qualifying. Cars begin in two staggered rows, the pole car being eight metres ahead of the car heading the other row.
Lineup of cars before the start of the race.
The starting arrangement of cars in a race.
The cross-ruled transparent guidelines over which all parts of a page layout will be assembled.
Refers to cross-ruled transparent grids over which all parts of a page will be assembled.
a container, which can layout its objects as if they were in an invisible table
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In Norse mythology, Gríðr (sometimes Anglicized Grid) was a giantess who, aware of Loki's plans to get Thor killed at the hands of the giant Geirröd, helped Thor by supplying him with a number of magical gifts which included a girdle (belt) of might, a pair of iron gloves, and a staff known as Grídarvöl. These items saved Thor's life. She is also the mother of Vidar by Odin.
The steel wire assembly that forms the top surface of a box spring. Usually welded into a lattice to which box spring coils are affixed.
A lattice of regularly spaced data points superimposed on a projection of the Earth. Grids are generated from numerical models or observational data.
A plate or sheet of lead with perforations, or other irregularities of surface, by which the active material of a secondary battery or accumulator is supported.
The perforated element in a triode tube (valve). The addition of the grid to the diode thermionic valve meant that in the triode, the first building block to the invention of an electronic amplifier had been discovered.
A tabular display of objects and their properties. The grid lists VERITAS Volume Manager objects, disks, controllers, or file systems. The grid displays objects that belong to the group icon that is currently selected in the object tree. The grid is dynamic and constantly updates its contents to reflect changes to objects.
a dynamic environment where the location and type of services available are constantly changing
a finite collection of points to which the meteorological variables used in a numerical model, or interpolated from observations, apply; a field of such regular values (points) is termed gridded field. Russian translation prepared by Nina A. Zaitseva for the Arctic Climatology Project Arctic Meteorology and Climate Atlas.
a heterogenous mixture of nodes
a more dynamic and usually heterogeneous system, virtualizing resources that may be quite different in character and capabilities and that may even come and go without warning as their availability changes over time
To make a strobe light to appear directional, like the light of the sun, a grid is used. It is basically a black honeycomb pattern that is placed in front of the flash head to cause a directional effect and minimize spillage of light causing a diffusion effect. Also called a Gobo or a Cookie.
Here we extend the definition of the word to define a digital ``data-entry form'' presented within a toplevel window.
a JavaScript and DHTML based data-entry and data-browsing component desig
provides graph theory relationship principles to mapping by use of a grid mesh to define a regular but arbitrary polygonal framework for 'holding' geographic data. The grid technique inherently involves association with a co- ordinate system, but it does not necessarily require precise association.
A matrix representation of the world, depicting what spot (aka "grid") on the grid map is where an agent or disaster incident is located.
In the Map Windows, this is a measuring tool, much like graph paper.
A form of Parallel computing, allowing jobs to be submitted to a set of machines.
It is an electrode in a vacuum tube, generally consisting of parallel wires, coil of wire, or a screen to control the flow of electrons between the other electrons.
an electrode placed between the cathode and anode of a vacuum tube to control the flow of electrons through the tube
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GRID, released on January 25 2006, is the eighth original album by the Japanese band M.O.V.E. The catalogue code for this album is AVCT-10156/B with a bonus DVD, and AVCT-10157 without one.
a film positive sheet ruled to indicate margins and position of certain elements, which may be placed over page proofs or galleys by proof to check makeup and alignment.
On a form, a set of non-printing lines that aides the user in aligning objects such as text boxes and other controls. In Design View, Access shows the grid as a series of dots.
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an important project in Florida 's quest to boost local professional talent to fill the technology industry's growing job demands
a collection of capabilities that have been virtualized to be transparently accessed
a weird collection to use so it told me something
Renfaire. The overall schedule of performers at a Renfaire including actual stages, as as well as "informal" locations around the site. -Its what keeps musicians who are not big enough to perform on a stage from coming to blows over the best informal performing spots.
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a formula that pays for carcass merit
The Grid data type consists of an array with named dimensions, and a one dimensional array corresponding to each dimension. It is used to define data grids with irregular spacing.
A 2D plane that shows scalar dimensions. Grids are useful for building models, or for animating motion relative to a solid surface.
Fixed margin within which exchange rates are allowed to fluctuate.
Fixed margin within that particular exchange rates are allowed to fluctuate.
a valuable drawing aid when drawing isometric views
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a widget that resembles a Table
anything resembling a grid{4}, as the Manhattan street grid. See also gridlock.
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Frame covered with fabric used as a filter media. Also called the septa or element.
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See Drag Grid.
A topology where large numbers of processors can contribute to solving one problem.
A frame that supports the active mass in an electrochemical cell.
a useful way to summarize, in a clearly organized way, knowledge about products and experiments
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The structure and level at which loft blocks are placed
This project is a software development team who creates expandable, easy to use web-based software for webmasters and developers a like.
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A Grid texture etched into the fabric.
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A slot or removable panel on a communication device which holds overlays.
a network where access rights and services are managed across organizational borders
a symmetrical and balanced placement of various crystal formations
a unique identifier for release of intellectual property, where one and only one, identifying code is allocated to each release
A type of rate card used by large radio stations which enables the station to have flexibility in rates. Prices range in direct proportion to the station's inventory, i.e. so during high-demand periods, the grid used will have the highest rates.
A chart used in rating the borrower, property, and neighborhood. Back to the Top
a foundation for holding a page together visually, it gives it strength
The calendar can be viewed in two formats: event titles can be displayed in a "grid" view – the traditional format with a "box" for each day, or as a list of events.
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a good tool to use because it teaches you to see shapes
Drain often used in commercial applications. Does not allow user to control opening and closing of drain. Drain is always open.
The grid controls the flow of electrons by applying positive or negative voltage.
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The lead screen or plate to which the battery plate active material is attached.
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a graphical division of units
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See volume grid.
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a made up of a set of Facilities
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a frame(work)
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See Model grid.
a very powerful control to collect a number of like items, especially when that number is not known