Definitions for "Grenadine"
A sweet red, pomegranate-flavored syrup sometimes made from pomegranate juice, but often made with other fruit concentrates. Grenadine often contains alcohol. Recipe: Grenadine Rickey (non-alcohol)
a red cordial flavouring used for sweetness.
Syrup flavored with pomegranates, used as flavoring and sauce.
Keywords:  leno, weave, sette, marqui, blouses
Leno weave fabric like marqui­ sette, but finer. Plain or with woven dots or figures.
A loose weave using twisted yarns, resulting in a fabric that resembles a knit.
a leno weave fabric with high twist yarns often with woven in stripes, checks or other patterns . Used for dresses, blouses curtains.
Keywords:  barege, gauzelike, gauze, silk, wool
A thin gauzelike fabric of silk or wool, for women's wear.
open silk or silk and wool gauze much like barege but with more mesh. Produced in many varied varieties.
A trade name for a dyestuff, consisting essentially of impure fuchsine.