Definitions for "greed "
Keywords:  deadly, wealth, deserves, sins, avarice
An eager desire or longing; greediness; as, a greed of gain.
One of the primary symptoms of demon possession, along with violence, lust, and an unnatural power of persuasion.
excessive desire to acquire or possess more (especially more material wealth) than one needs or deserves
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The strategy game of Greed. Try to eat as much as possible of the board before munching yourself into a corner.
To want prizes above all else, even your own life. "It was the greed" means he ran into a flame while trying to get a prize, probably something he already had.
Greed (or Greed: The Series) was a television game show where a team of contestants answered a series of multiple-choice trivia questions for a potential prize of up to $2 million (later $4 million during the five Super Greed episodes).
Greed is a 1924 dramatic silent movie starring Gibson Gowland, Za Su Pitts, Jean Hersholt and Chester Conklin.
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Greed is an album by the New York No Wave band Swans. It features slightly more melodic and dark sounds than the very brutal noise rock the band was known for playing. Certain tracks utilize drum machines, the lead instrument on "Fool" is a grand piano, and "Money Is Flesh" uses a synthesizer.
One of the seven chief features, or stumbling blocks. Its positive pole is egotism; its negative pole is voracity. It is caused by a fear of not having enough of a particular thing, such as money, food, sex, or attention.
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We all know what greed is. In WoW, the word can also be used as a verb as in "I'll greed that if it drops" - indicates that the player would like to roll "greed" on an item, as opposed to not roll (passing) or rolling "need." Check out the official site for more information on loot rules.
Greed is a program developed to prevent file-sharing in Napster. While Napster is running, Greed monitors the Napster Save Path for new files and transfers any new files into a user-specified directory.
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25-40% extra gold from monsters