Definitions for "Gray Market"
Sale of securities that have not been officially issued yet by a firm that is not part of the underwriting syndicate.
Gray market goods are products that were meant for import into countries other than the United States. They are usually of identical quality as non-gray items, but sometimes will have different accessories or the user manual might not be in English. Also, most gray market products will not be warranted by a U.S. repair facility.
Refers to goods that are sold for a price lower than, or through a distributor different than, that intended by the manufacturer. Most commonly, goods that are intended by their manufacturer for one national market that are bought there, exported, and sold in another national market.
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The purchase or sale of eurobonds that occurs before the issue price is finally set.
Purchases and sales of eurobonds that occur before the issue price is finally set.
A vehicle which was built for sale outside the U.S. These vehicles (usually built by Porsche, Mercedes, or BMW) do not meet U.S. standards regarding emission control, safety glass, lighting, etc.
Refers to a vehicle that has been brought into the United States and has bypassed the D.O.T. (Department of Transportation) regulations. These vehicles are usually not equipped to pass U.S. emissions standards, and manufacturers usually do not back their warranties.
Dealers and distributors who sell equipment without proper authorization from the manufacturer.
Trade in nuclear or nuclear-related materials, components or equipment in which the end-use or end-user is often hidden or deliberately misidentified. Often used by countries seeking to obtain items that would be denied by the exporters if the end-use was known to be for a nuclear product.
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The individual importing of a foreign car into the United States.
group insurance guaranteed insurability
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Individuals over 65.