Definitions for "Grass"
Popularly: Herbage; the plants which constitute the food of cattle and other beasts; pasture.
An endogenous plant having simple leaves, a stem generally jointed and tubular, the husks or glumes in pairs, and the seed single.
sedge-like plant, usually with round (rarely flat) stems
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Geographical Resource Analysis Support System. A public domain, raster-based, GIS software package developed by USACERL (U.S. Army Construction Engineering Research Laboratories) in Champaign, Illinois. It is used by the Department of the Interior, Nat'l Park Service.
Geographical Resource Analysis Support System. 1. A public-domain rastar GIS modeling product of the US army corps of Engineers Construction Engineering Research Laboratory. 2. A raster data format that can be used as an exchange format between two GIS's.
Geographical Resource Analysis Support System. A public-domain raster GIS modeling product of the US Army Corps of Engineers Construction Engineering Research Laboratory.6 A raster data format that can be used as an exchange format between two GISs.6
The season of fresh grass; spring.
The primary grasses that cause allergies are Timothy, Blue (or June), Sweet Vernal, and Bermuda. Grasses primarily release pollens during the late spring and summer months, except for Bermuda grass which releases pollens in the South year-round.
Grasses are categorized either as cool season or warm season. Warm-season grasses are best adapted to the southern part of the United States. They grow vigorously in the warm summer months, then become dormant, turning brown in cold weather. Warm-season grasses do not thrive in cold climates. Cool-season grasses grow well in the North, at high elevations in the South, and in those parts of the country that have winter snow cover. They grow actively in the cool weather of spring and fall, and slowly in summer heat. With ample water they will remain green the year around. In warm climates a cool-season grass is often seeded over a dormant warm-season grass lawn as a temporary grass during the winter months; it does not survive intense summer heat. You may want to check with your local nursery or county extension service to find out which grass varieties or cultivars grow best in your area.
There is something in the order of 9000 species worldwide. Only a handful are used in turfgrass situations in the UK: Bentgrass species, Fescue species, Perennial ryegrass and Smooth stalked meadow grass being the main ones.
"Grass" is the first single from Animal Collective's 2005 album, Feels. Upon its release, it was showered with critical praise for its delicate balance of melodic pop sensibilities and discordant yelping. Pitchfork listed the song at #31 in its Top 50 Singles of 2005, claiming it is "as infectious as anything on the pop charts this year, and lots more fun to scream along with".
Metaphorically used for what is transitory.
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cannabis – heroin
Apply a little household ammonia and scrub with toothbrush. Add a little dish soap, agitate and rinse in cold water.
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give away information about somebody; "He told on his classmate who had cheated on the exam"
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to squeal, rat on someone
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To expose, as flax, on the grass for bleaching, etc.
spread out clothes on the grass to let it dry and bleach
Rugs made of certain long jointless grasses, twisted with cotton threads into yarns. Grass rugs are usually reversible and come in plain weave and color.
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German writer of novels and poetry and plays (born 1927)
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A term used more for white wines, and as the term might indicate, a subtle taste of grass or greens, and is nice and refreshing
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To cover with grass or with turf.
cover with grass; "The owners decided to grass their property"
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animal food for browsing or grazing
(Obsolete.) Background noise on a radar A-display.
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feed with grass
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Apart from the surface, the directional line the bowl takes in order for it to curve towards the Jack. So a "too much grass" bowl will be wide.
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shoot down, of birds
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To bring to the grass or ground; to land; as, to grass a fish.
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The public area in males or females
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To produce grass.