Definitions for "Graphic Novel"
A comic book that is longer in format that the usual "pamphlet," and typically contains a complete story unto itself. Graphic novels usually have higher production values than the typical stapled comic book – they may be squarebound, for example, with cardstock covers. Some may be hardcover volumes. Although a graphic novel usually stands on its own as a complete story, it is possible to have a ongoing series or limited series of graphic novels telling a single story or series of related stories.
Several issues of comic books or manga collected into a single book-like format, or (less commonly) an original story or novel adaptation presented in a comic book format that is bound in book form. Manga graphic novels are usually the size of an extra-wide paperback novel “harem” series: An anime series centered on a single boy/young man surrounded by a bevy of young beauties who chastely cohabitate with him. These series, which are always at least partly comedies, usually take on one of two basic forms: either the male lead is romantically attached to one of the beauties but is tempted by others, or the male lead is indecisive and most of the female characters are vying for his attention. Typically the male lead is a kind and gentle soul while most of the female characters are some combination of more powerful, aggressive, and/or capable.
Generally, any self-contained story in a single binding that uses a comic book-like page layout. In the comic book industry, the term is sometimes used to refer only to self-contained stories of 48 or more pages that has not been previously published serially. (The minimum page count varies; 64, 72, and 96 pages are other popular cut-off points.)
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