Definitions for "Granules"
A ceramic-coated, crushed rock that is applied to the exposed surface of asphalt shingles. The granules are often coloured.
The mineral particles of a graded size which are embedded in the asphalt coating of shingles and roofing.
Crushed rock coated with ceramic material, applied to the exposed surface of asphalt roofing products to add color and reduce ultraviolet degradation. Copper compounds added to these help make them algae resistant.
A dry pesticide formulation made by applying a liquid formulation of the active ingredient to particles of clay or another porous material. Granules are applied in the dry form and have a particle size substantially larger than dusts.
Chemical formulations in small pellets, formed from various inert clays or sand impregnated with pesticide or fertilizer.
a dry grouting material approved by the department.
Convective cells that penetrate from below into the solar photosphere. These cells have an irregular shape with a typical size of 1 to 2 arc seconds (1000 km). They are relatively bright, separated by narrow dark lanes.
small, flat scales, not overlapping, usually convex