Definitions for "Granulation"
The act or process of forming or crystallizing into grains; as, the granulation of powder and sugar.
A process in which tiny metal beads are adhered to a metal surface by heat fusion.
Granulation consists of solar granules together with intergranular lanes (dark, cool areas between granules where solar material is descending into the surface). Granulation covers the visible surface (the photosphere) of the Sun.
One of the small, red, grainlike prominences which form on a raw surface (that of wounds or ulcers), and are the efficient agents in the process of healing.
The act or process of the formation of such prominences.
In wounds, the formation of small, rounded masses of tissue composed largely of capillaries and fibroblasts, often with inflammatory cells present; also a mass so formed.
the formation of sugar crystals in honey which may cause it to turn solid.
Honey is a supersaturated solution and glucose tends to crystallize out of solution. The ratio glucose/water content and the presence of nuclei for crystal growth are related to the rate of granulation. Granulation is reversed by heating.
the formation of sugar (dextrose) crystals in honey.
The process by which a non-compressible nutritional powder is converted to a compressible granule. Dry granulation results in a compaction-densification excellent for capsules and tablets.
A term describing the agglomeration of powder or the breaking apart of lumps, runners, sprues, or parts that are reformed into pellets for reloading into the molding machine.
The process of producing a granule, e.g. granular superphosphate.
Generally used only in relation to watercolors; the tendency of a color to clump together when applied as a wash, producing a slightly granular appearance on the paper
The most common industry method of grinding, in which roasted coffee beans are passed through a series of rollers. Also, a process used with freeze-dried coffee to convert it into small particles resembling ground coffee.
A term used to describe the process of mixing raw materials together until the desired consistency is produced.
The state of being granulated.