Definitions for "grantee"
The organization that receives a grant directly from RWJF.
The buyer of real estate. (G)
Person(s) or legal entity granted title rights and/or interests by a grantor.
The recipient of a grant.
Another term for the recipient of Title I CARE Act funds. As the official recipient of those funds in the EMA, the CEO is the grantee. However, the CEO usually delegates his or her authority to administer Title I CARE Act funds to an organizational unit within the city or county government (e.g., the health department). Often, this entity is also referred to as the grantee. Use of the terms CEO and grantee helps to distinguish between the person ultimately responsible for the CARE Act grant (the CEO) and the entity which actually carries out the day-to-day operations associated with it (the grantee).[ ] [ ] [ B-C ] [ D-G ] [ H-L ] [ M-P ] [ Q-S ] [ T-Z
The recipient of the real property as a result of a conveyance instrument such as a general warranty deed or special warranty deed.
The organization to which a grant is awarded and which is accountable for the use of the funds provided.
is the institution, public or private nonprofit corporation, organization, agency or other legally accountable entity that receives a grant and assumes legal and financial responsibility and accountability for both the awarded funds and performance of the grant-supported activity.
any legal entity that assumes financial responsibility, accountability for managing awarded funds, supervision of grant-supported activities and submission of final reports.
a qualified donee, such as a charity, to which the Toronto Community Foundation has made a grant.
a registered charitable organization to which the Toronto Community has made a grant.
See Zone Grantee
A corporation to which the privilege of establishing, operating, and maintaining a foreign-trade zone has been granted by the Foreign-Trade Zones Board.
A corporation to which the privilege of establishing, operating, or maintaining a foreign trade zone has been given.
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See Principal Investigator
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See Beneficiary or Donee.
a non - degree student of the university, but he/she will get a certificate after completing the required course
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a specific Oracle i FS user or group
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Someone who gets something.
Lender who provides a mortgage to a borrower