Definitions for "Grandfather"
A father's or mother's father; an ancestor immediately after the father or mother in lineal ascent.
the father of your father or mother
the father of one's father or mother.
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Grandfather, or Grandfather Uno is a villain from the animated television series . His first, and so far only appearance was in the movie, Before the movie, the new villain was a secret, only known as the "Ultimate Evil".
a status; an action taken that allows the continuance of something that was permissible or accepted under the condition that others coming along after it, although being the same, are denied. definition of grandfather defined What does to grandfather mean? What does it mean to grandfather? What's a grandfather clause
An allowance for older businesses to continue operating for a time under conditions that were permitted at the time these businesses were subject to other regulations.
The act of recognizing specific legal non-conforming uses established before the adoption of the Comprehensive Policy Plan (21 May 1991). Any grandfathered use that is terminated, abandoned, or demolished for more than 24 consecutive months (2 years) loses its legal status.
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a man, and a grandmother is a woman
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Powerful entity responsible for creating the Dyson Sphere. Grandfather is believed to be dead.
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a pleasant person
A grandfather also represents knowledge and wisdom, but with a touch of authority and tradition thrown in.
Something which is an exception to a rule (or pattern, behaviour, etc.), because it existed before that rule was formulated.