Definitions for "Grand Challenge"
a competition to create a robotic vehicle to autonomously travel through a desert course
a congressionally mandated program that expressly authorizes DARPA to conduct contests and award prizes for advancements in vital technologies
a field test designed to accelerate research and development in autonomous ground vehicles that will help save lives on the future battlefield
A fundamental problem in science and engineering, with broad economic and scientific impact, whose solution can be advanced by applying high performance computing techniques and resources
A type of proposal to use the MSCF Resources. These are complex problems in science and engineering with broad scientific and environmental or economic impacts whose solution can be advanced by applying high-performance computing techniques and resources. Grand Challenge proposals can run several years and often are comprised of several research groups from various institutions. (See Pilot Project)
a call for a specific scientific or technologi- cal innovation that would remove a critical barrier to solving an im- portant health problem in the developing world with a high likelihood of global impact and feasibility
an effort undertaken primarily by either universities or by small teams of volunteers (like our team)
a truly powerful mix of American ingenuity, team spirit, competitiveness, entrepreneurship, engineering and computer science