Definitions for "Graham"
cracker crumbs an unnecessary term for americans, but in Italy these do not exist, even in whole cracker form. The few occasions bob has to produce cheesecake in Italy, he looks for Mulino Bianco Grancereale or Barilla I Mugnai or Pavesi Digestivi (which are all made by the Barilla group) or Saiwa Cruscoro cookies and crumbs them up easily to make "briciole di biscotti fatti con farina integrale e malto", and since whole or recipe-ready hazelnuts are not usually available on short notice to add a hazelnut (nocciole) crumb component as we like to do in the USA, some Saiwa Lingue di Gatto oppure Parmalat Nussli can be mixed in as in our limoncello cheesecake, Italian version. [see also cheesecake di bob, versione italiana] Created in the early 19th century by an eccentric American Presbyterian minister Sylvester Graham, an early vegetarian propagandizer, the most well known brand these days is Nabisco Honey Maid (since 1925) which neglects to credit Sylvester. More recently sold in crumb form for the very popular cheesecake market.
flour made by grinding the entire wheat berry including the bran; (`whole meal flour' is British usage)
Benjamin Graham was one of the first investors to develop a systematic approach to stock-picking. Graham stressed that investors should look at a company's financial value before looking at market share price i.e. they should look for 'fundamental' value not currently refelected in the share price. Graham emphasised the need for careful selection with a view to a long-term buy nd hold strategy. He had learnt the lesson of the 1920s speculative boom and bust frenzy and sought to inject rigour and foresight into what had previously been treated as a speculative arena. For Graham, the idea behind stock-picking is to find companies which will perform better than their market price suggests - then, over time, the fundamentals will work through and the market will bid up the share price. Graham took a top-down approach - focusing on quantitive screening methods to work down to a portfolio (the numbers must pass certain tests).
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same as eDuppu, it can be sama graham or vishama graham. One of the 13 lakshaNas of a raaga
United States evangelical preacher famous as a mass evangelist (born in 1918)
United States dancer and choreographer whose work was noted for its austerity and technical rigor (1893-1991)
an experienced trainer, accomplished in the multi-modal transportation of dangerous goods