Definitions for "Grafting"
The transplanting of a portion of flesh or skin to a denuded surface; autoplasty.
The method of joining two seperate plants. The main plant being called the stock and the cutting, or part being attached being called the scion.
Woody species are grafted when a section cut from the stem of one plant is grafted onto the stem of another in such a way that the cambium of the two plants meet. The cambiums will grow into one another, allowing water and nutrients to flow back and forth between the two plants. Most often, it is a stem ( scion) that is grafted to a rootstock. The rootstock can serve to make the scion resistant to soil borne disease or to control its size ( dwarf varieties ).
The insertion of an irritant into the body or the mantle tissue of a mollusk, through human intervention, in order to produce a cultured pearl.
Also termed nucleation or implantation. Process of inserting a hard bead nucleus or piece of soft mantle tissue into a mollusc body or mantle of the mollusc.The nucleus or mantle tissue serves as the 'seed' to irritate the mollusc to produce a pearl.
Grafting is the bonding of tissue to tissue. In dentistry, bone grafts are used to fill in defects in the jaw bone. The grafting tissue can be synthetic bone, cadaver bone or bone taken from another part of the patient. Gum specialists also graft tissue to the gums to build up receeded gums.
A variety of procedures where a strip of hair-bearing skin is removed from the lower scalp at the back of the head-the "donor area"- and transferred to the upper balding scalp. The most popular varieties are micrografting (1-2 hairs) and minigrafting (3-8 hairs). A few surgeons selectively use standard grafts which have 10-20- hairs each.
A variety of procedures describing the removal of hair bearing scalp from the back of the head to a recipient site. The most widely used types of grafting are slit grafts, micrografting and minigrafting (All outdated).
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transferring a lamb to another ewe.
the act of grafting something onto something else
Fostering a lamb onto a ewe that is not its natural mother.
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The act or method of weaving a cover for a ring, rope end, etc.
Protecting a rope by weaving yarns together to cover it
Darning two knitted pieces together (usually through the open loops) so that the join is invisible.
A scarfing or endwise attachment of one timber to another.
A procedure where other veins or arteries in the body are used to bypass a blockage in a coronary artery.
A procedure in which healthy skin and/or muscle is moved from one area of the body to another area damaged by disease or injury.
A surgical procedure which involves the removal of healthy skin and/or muscle from one area of the body to a disease- or injury-damaged area of the body.
the combination of a series of moves and principles within the flow of a single action. For example: a hammering motion may conclude with a thrusting motion. (2) the term also applies to combining of self-defense techniques without disruption.
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modifying a crease pattern as if you had spliced into it a strip or strips of paper in order to add new features to an existing base.
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removing a worker larva from its cell and placing it in an artificial queen cup in order to have it reared into a queen.
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