Definitions for "Graduated"
Tapered; -- said of a bird's tail when the outer feathers are shortest, and the others successively longer.
Regularly increasing in size, such as a graduated pearl necklace, where small pearls gradually increase in size, one pearl at a time, to one large pearl at the center.
The term used to describe an incremental change in the size of multiple gemstones within the same setting.
Marked with, or divided into, degrees; divided into grades.
Having visible marks and numbers at vertical intervals, permitting one to estimate the quantitity of material contained; -- of vessels, most commonly those used in laboratories for containing liquids. See graduated cylinder, etc., below.
Graduated. Status is applied once a Board of Studies decision has been agreed, i.e. before degree congregations.
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slowly and smoothly
Payment Mortgage (GPM) - A fixed-rate, fixed-schedule loan that starts with lower payments than a level payment loan; the payments rise annually over the first 5 to 10 years and then remain constant for the remainder of the loan. GPMs involve negative amortization.
A type of payment schedule where payments “step” up at specified intervals to higher amounts.
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regular or steady increase in length, as of the spines in the fins of some fishes
increasing as the amount taxed increases
decreasing as the amount taxed increases
Moulded in scale to indicate content level in container.