Definitions for "GPRS"
Keywords:  gsm, packet, radio, wap, acket
General Packet Radio Service Packet interface data service, an enhancement of GSM
Short for General Packet Radio Service, this standard allows packet rather than circuit switch connections on cellular networks. GPRS is not location dependent, therefore allows connection (at similar speeds to dial-up connections) from anywhere and at anytime to a mobile network when Internet access is required. A roaming agreement between countries means that this service is available worldwide.
General Packet Radio Service. An ETSI standard for packet-based wireless data communications at speeds up to a theoretical 171 kilobits per second, for continuous connection to the Internet, for portable computers and mobile phones. Addition of Virtual Private Network facilities will allow a degree of security for mobile access to important data. GPRS is based on the Global System for Mobile infrastructure, using up to 8 time slots (provided for 8 voice calls on a given frequency) only when there is information to transmit, rather than completely reserved as in a voice circuit. GPRS is being developed into Enhanced Data GSM Environment (EDGE), using a new modulation scheme for higher data rates up to 384 kilobits per second, as a step on the way to Universal Mobile Telecommunications Service (UMTS). See also: Virtual Private Network.