Definitions for "GPO"
A healthcare industry term. GPOs provide their members with collective-buying and negotiation services for medical-supply purchases.
An acronym for Guaranteed Purchase Option (see Guaranteed Insurability Rider)
GUARANTEED PURCHASE OFFER. Used as the first step of a buyout. At least two appraisals are completed to determine the value of a home so that an offer can be presented to a third party company to purchase the home.
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See “government project officer.” elp -seeking behavior; Ways of trying to find and get help from other people, groups, or places.
General Printing Office. A part of the Legislative Branch in charge of all printing activities of the Federal government. Also very involved in electronic distribution of (formerly) printed materials.
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Snowboard, Skateboard und Ski brand from GASPO.
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roup olicy bject - Microsoft
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General purpose output, most MO displays have a number of GPO's on them. In most cases these will supply 5v which you can use to power LED's or circuits with. Some of the MO displays will supply 12v via the GPO giving you the option to turn on and off fans and other PC equipment if wanted.
General Purpose Outlet, or power point, capable of supplying normal mains power.
General Purpose Output. The contact closure output of a General Purpose Interface
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Group Policy Objects
Group Policy Object. The container into which policy settings are placed. Each GPO can contain one or more policy settings. The GPO is then scoped to apply to specific accounts (see "Scope")
See "Group Policy Object"