Definitions for "Goulash"
Keywords:  paprika, hungarian, stew, gulya, beef
Hungarian meat dish seasoned with paprika
A Hungarian style stew usually made with paprika, often served with or over buttered noodles. Recipe: Goulash Recipe With Spaetzle
a rich meat stew highly seasoned with paprika
A style of dealing, usually in rubber and chicago games, where the cards are not thoroughly shuffled between deals and are dealt in groups. It results in "wild" card distributions.
(1) a deal in which the cards are distributed in large packets (5,5,3 or 5,4,4) instead of one at a time;(2) the same as (1), but using the unshuffled remains of a passed out or unplayed deal (thus tending to produce freak distributions).
Goulash (also Ghoulie) is a style of playing the card game of bridge, normally in friendly play such as rubber bridge, in which the cards are not thoroughly shuffled between consecutive deals. The aim is to create deals where the suits are more unevenly distributed between the players, thus creating "wild" deals in order to make the game more vivid.