Definitions for "GOP"
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The Republican Party, the younger of the two major political parties in the U. S.
the younger of two major political parties in the United States; GOP is an acronym for grand old party
Stands for "Grand Old Party," meaning the Republican party. The term originated in the late 1870's, coined by newspaper headlines, to refer to the dominance of the Republican party at the time.
Group Of Pictures. A GOP contains several different types of compressed frames, I frames and P & B frames.
Group of Pictures. A MPEG compression technology, the GOP concept reduces the temporal redundancy across frames (from frame to frame) for video content and consists of I, B, P frames.
Group Of Pictures; A group of picturesconsists of one or more pictures in sequence.
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Geodetic Observatory Pecny
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Guarantee of Payment. A written promise to remit payment on behalf of a mailer within a specific number of days following the mail date. Also known as a Letter of Guarantee (LOG).
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gross operating profit