Definitions for "Good Woman"
a charming entry in the annals of Wilde adaptations, exploring timeless issues such as social prejudice, idle gossip, the class system, infidelity and maternity
a film based on the Oscar Wilde play Lady Windermere's Fan
an elegant, romantic comedy based on Oscar Wilde's play "Lady Windermere's Fan"
Keywords:  tuppy, wilkinson, epigram, tedious, tom
a tedious picture, redeemed in part by Tom Wilkinson's performance as Tuppy - he's the sole cast member who doesn't give birth to every epigram - and by the hats
Keywords:  twanging, ballad, mournful
a mournful, twanging ballad
Keywords:  wildean, quips, sarcasm, stuffed, story
a collection of oh-so-very-Wildean quips and sarcasm, stuffed into a serviceable story whether appropriate there or not, and directed with questionable skill
a glory to her man She will never take the power She will just make him a better man Every great man has a virtuous woman Read on
a jewel in a man's crown, but a--an ornery one or no-good one is water in his blood
a source of inspiration and attraction into the world for a man
Keywords:  ilk, problematic, writer, review
a problematic review for a writer of my ilk
an enjoyable social satire about love and deception
Keywords:  amazing, thing
an amazing thing
Keywords:  delightful, experience
a delightful experience
Keywords:  victim
a good victim
Keywords:  bride, christ, true, symbol
a symbol of the true bride of Christ
Keywords:  gift, god
a gift from God
Keywords:  strong, woman
a strong woman
Keywords:  well, take, woman
a woman who can give it as well as take it
Keywords:  example
a good example of this