Definitions for "good teacher"
Keywords:  wonderful, grasp, student, thing, laid
a facilitator and allows students to share ideas and explore
a good student first
an effective communicator, however, who knows when she needs to change her communicating techniques to be sure students can grasp instructional concepts
Keywords:  storyteller
a good storyteller
a class act After one year in the job, Stephen Fairbairn shares some thoughts on the joys and terrors of teaching
a class act - theage
a friend, mentor, psychologist and motivator, she said
a good friend
a humble teacher
an active teacher
a reflective teacher
Keywords:  epitome, qualities
an epitome of these qualities
Keywords:  simplification, enemy, master
a master of simplification and an enemy of
Keywords:  tots, dreams, magic, gardener, mirror
a gardener of dreams Place a mirror in a magic box and pass it on to the tiny tots in your school
a great asset to every true church and is welcomed by every education department
an asset here
an educator in the fullest sense of the word i
a valuable asset to the community
a valuable commodity and a prized possession
Keywords:  lucky, find
a lucky find
a vital professional who deserves respect
Keywords:  nice, person
a nice person,
a tough guy who cares very deeply about something that is hard to understand
Keywords:  thorough, guide, process
a thorough guide through this process
Keywords:  adapt, easily, resources, work, change
a person that can easily adapt to change and work with the resources that you have
a must for both