Definitions for "Gondwana"
n. A supercontinent that existed from Cambrian to Jurassic time, mainly composed of South America, Africa, Madagascar, India, Antarctica, and Australia.
Name given to the southern hemisphere `supercontinent' consisting of South America Africa Madagascar India Arabia Malaya and the East Indies New Guinea Australia New Zealand and Antarctica prior to its breakup under the forces causing continental drift
A super-continent situated in the southern hemisphere that contained Antarctica, South America, Africa, Australia, India and New Zealand. About 160 million years ago Gondwana began to break up and the individual land masses moved to their current positions.
Gondwana is a Chilean reggae musical created by I Locks Labbé in 1987 in Santiago, Chile. They have made 4 records: Gondwana, Praise, Made in Jamaica and Crece, and been produced by Dr. Dread of RAS Records.
Gondwana are a Chilean reggae group from the poor neighborhood of La Pincoya, Santiago. They have toured internationally and been produced by Dr. Dread.