Definitions for "goldfish"
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A thin and simple PHP-based autoresponder for postfix on *nix systems. It requires the PHP command line interface and comes with a simple web interface which allows end users to configure their auto responders. In this case you need apache with PHP to.
A small domesticated cyprinoid fish (Carassius auratus); -- so named from its color. It is a native of China, and is said to have been introduced into Europe in 1691. It is often kept as an ornament, in small ponds or glass globes. Many varieties are known. Called also golden fish, and golden carp. See Telescope fish, under Telescope.
A California marine fish of an orange or red color; the garibaldi.
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der Goldfisch Cyprinus auratis
Goldfish are American snack crackers manufactured by the Campbell Soup Company and marketed under the "Pepperidge Farm" brand. The crackers come in several flavors and are shaped and colored like small, cartoonish goldfish. Approximately half of the crackers have smiles, while the others lack any expression.
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A common sales ploy in the home water-filter industry: A technician will place a goldfish in your tap water when he arrives at your home. One hour later, the goldfish will be dead from chlorine. But the significance to human health, according to most experts, is minimal, since most humans do not breathe through gills.
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a creature that will eat itself to death because it has forgotten the act of similarly gorging itself not five minutes ago
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a very poor learner
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a thing of watery beauty