Definitions for "Goetia"
Greek "Howling". As a general term, "goetia" refers to low magic (as opposed to Theurgy), involving the Evocation of evil spirits in an attempt to force them to fulfil ones material wishes. As a specific term, "The Goetia" is a part of "The Legemoton, or Lesser Key of Solomon" - a grimoire (which contains goetia) translated by Macgregor Mathers and edited by Aleister Crowley, which proved to be the catalyst for their falling out.
pertaining to non-religious magickal methods or systems, hence many forms of spellcraft
Part of the Lesser Key of Solomon, this book has the names and sigils of 72 demons, 36 by day and 36 by night (whatever that means)
Goetia was planned to be the first album release by British black metal band Cradle of Filth on UK metal label Tombstone Records. Due to insufficient funding however, the studio tapes were wiped and the album went unreleased.