Definitions for "Gnosis"
The deeper wisdom; knowledge of spiritual truth, such as was claimed by the Gnostics.
A Greek word which literally means "knowledge." Insight or enlightenment capture the meaning of Gnosis better. Gnosticism: This is pronounced with a silent "g"; it is derived from the Greek word gnosis (knowledge). Its Christian form originated in the Middle East and Greece during pre-Christian times. The movement has been composed of many groups with differing beliefs. One common concept is that there are two Gods: one Supreme Father who is from the "good" spirit world, and one Demiurge (the Jehovah in the Bible) who created the evil material world. Salvation comes through knowledge and liberation from the material, earthly world to attain a higher level of spirituality. Christian Gnosticism was one of the three main movements in early Christianity; the other two being Jewish and Pauline Christianity. Many Gnostic sects were the victims of genocide by the early Christian Church. The movement has survived to the present day and is rapidly growing in numbers.
the spiritual power of a character
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