Definitions for "Glove"
A cover for the hand, or for the hand and wrist, with a separate sheath for each finger. The latter characteristic distinguishes the glove from the mitten.
A boxing glove.
To cover with, or as with, a glove.
fixed-portion immediately inboard of a variable-geometry wing
In relation to laminar flow control, a suction device employing tiny, laser-drilled holes to draw off turbulent air and produce a smooth (laminar) flow of air over an aircraft's wing
located at the pivots on variable-geometry aircraft. It is impossible to have one-piece pivotal aircraft because at zero sweep, the inner ends would overlap (the solution to this problem is a fixed inner wing called a glove).
Glove provides an interface to data acquisition systems, sophisticated statistical analysis, a plotting tool, and the ability to easily manipulate the data. Its modular design allows plug-ins for acquisition, manipulation, and analysis.
Glove was designed as a flexible tool to address a number of issues. We needed a generic plotting tool, an interface to data acquisition systems, sophisticated statistical analysis, and the ability to easily and intuitively manipulate the data we had. It was also built to be easily extended by the user with import/export, data, fit, and cursor modules.
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The prize that allows you to push A a second time after dropping a bomb to pick it up above your head, and upon release to throw it.
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See barrier cream
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Open end, center seam envelope – medium standard sizes.
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an artificial skin placed between our bodies and the things we touch
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A leather glove is used to catch the ball.
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