Definitions for "Globalisation"
Globalisation is the term used to describe the increased pace of interconnectedness that has taken place over recent years. It came about as a result of two developments. Firstly, technological changes have enabled information and goods to travel much faster than before, making it easier to transport things and communicate with people. Secondly, the end of the cold war and the spread of a new political philosophy of liberalisation led to the removal of trade barriers. As a result of globalisation, foreign trade and investment have grown dramatically.
The opening up of national economies to international competition.
The ways in which technological developments disseminate information, people and products around the world.
Involves preparing software or a web site with the goal of ensuring that the structural modifications localisation needs to make would not hinder its functionality. This would take into account, among other things, both the format of data ( 4PM = 16.00) and the space needed in some parts of a screen to cater for texts which are considerably longer than the original text.
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a process which has been happening for quite a long time, and there is no end to it