Definitions for "global"
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a company that is extending ERP across every enterprise process, from supplier to employee to customer
a leading provider of extended enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions for
a leading provider of extended ERP solutions to mid-market companies, as well as the number one provider to manufacturing companies
involving the entire earth; not limited or provincial in scope; as, global war; global monetary policy.
broad in scope or content; comprehensive. Opposite of noncomprehensive.
Accessible and effective throughout an entire computer program, rather than in only one subroutine; -- used of variables; as, global variable. Opposite of local.
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shaped like a globe; spherical.
concerning or including the whole world
the association has (or will have) a presence throughout the world (for example members in a minimum of several countries in several regions around the world). See international vs. global comparison.
a Gospel website targeted for mass evangelism and provides people self-serve salvation
a self-sufficient organization operating by a group of imminent church members
2000 An organization founded and chaired by Mr. Jimmy Carter (former President of the United States) to aid Third World farmers with improved seedlings, financial assistance, and extension services. The goal was to create agricultural self-sufficiency in the selected countries. Ghana became a Global 2000 member in the mid- 1980s.
under the area breakdown in the implementation summary, this represents those miscellaneous costs which cannot be attributed to individual projects or for which detailed accounting would add significantly to overhead costs. Such expenses include cost of radiation protection services, insurance premiums, UNDP field office charges, reimbursement of support services, mission cancellation costs, publication charges, etc.
Global (often written in all capitalized letters as "GLOBAL") is a Japanese brand of cutlery products made by Yoshikin. Their selection of knives are known for their distinctive one piece, molybdenum/vanadium stainless steel design. These are considered premium level products with a single knife often costing upwards of $100 (USD).
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a partnership between London-based Heath Lambert Group and Acordia Inc
a strategic communications firm that develops businesses, represents musicians, organizes trade and media events, and works within the international sector to develop and create a positive and lucrative business experience
Priority Mail (GPM): A category of international mail that provides fast service at attractive rates to 27 countries.
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see placeless
a provider of enterprise software applications and services designed to increase operating efficiency and productivity by automating key business processes, such as accounting, inventory management, and payroll
Global Justice Information Network; a DOJ automation initiative.
Generally a reference to a system or process which operates across international borders on a 7x24 basis.
Global information is information that is the same across many pages. When this happens it need only be stored once in some central area. Global information makes maintenance a breeze if it is used properly and a nightmare if it isn't.
Installed on or written to a central computer, available to individual workstations attached to it, as opposed to local.
Global means "independent of the current environment; in effect throughout Emacs." It is the opposite of local (q.v.). Particular examples of the use of `global' appear below.
A type of property that applies to multiple files or environments. For example, a student's user ID is considered to be global because it is used by more than one organization at Ryerson. See Local.
a specialist consultancy in the field of executive and management coaching plus organisational leadership and management development programmes
Indicates that the operation should only be performed on the screen-independent RESOURCE_MANAGER property. This option is specific to X11R5.
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a consortium of assholes - and that's not even going into the bias of the Times
a formidable leader in the retail industry
Covering everything.
A setting that effects everything.
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Heart Pony
Term used in digital effects to describe the ability to apply additional manipulations to keyframes with previously stored digital effects.
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global network printer is available to any user that logs on to the computer to which it has been added. A network printer that is not added globally is available only to the user that added it (e.g. by using the Add Printer wizard).
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A privilege level that specifies the user has access to objects anywhere within the organization. The application refers to this level as Organization.
Income, Capital Appreciation U.S. and Non-U.S. Corporate and Government Debt Currency, Political, Interest Rate, Some Credit
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an equal opportunity employer
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a work in progress
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Can invest in foreign and U.S. stocks.
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See “visibility.
Data or methods that reside in one class and that can be accessed from another.
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See net, global.