Definitions for "Glider"
a heavier-than-air flying machine similar to an airplane, but without an engine. It is typically towed to a high altitide by a powered aircraft and then glides to earth with no other source of power.
A fixed-wing aerodyne intended for motorless flight. Gliders are generally divided into four classes: (1) Primary Glider. Used for training and designed for simple glides with continuous loss of height. (2) Intermediary Sailplanes. A more advanced form of glider capable of continuous flight without loss of height. (3) High Performance Sailplanes. A highly developed glider of great aerodynamic efficiency designed for competition and other high performance flying. (4) Towed Glider. This is towed behind an aeroplane singly or in a "train" carrying troops or freight.
Corvette assembled at St. Louis with no engine or transmission.
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A simple object in Conway's Game of Life that swims diagonally through the grid space.
The glider is a pattern in Conway's Game of Life. It was first discovered by Richard K. Guy.
Glider is an EP by My Bloody Valentine, released in April 1990 by Creation Records. The EP was also the group's first release on the Sire Records label in the USA. The lead track, "Soon", was later included on the Loveless album.
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Type of jerkbait that glides from side to side in a zig-zag fashion on alternate strokes of the rod.
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Element fixed under the legs of furniture or chairs to avoid scraping the floor
This is essentially a rocking chair but rather than having a ‘rocking' motion, the chair moves gently back and forth. Many also come with an ottoman.
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A term used for a paraglider.
Horizontal operating units which have one sash fixed while the other glides open and shut horizontally.
A window with a movable sash that slides horizontally. Also referred to as a horizontal sliding window.
The cab and chassis without the drivetrain components. The customer installs his own drivetrain from a previously owned vehicle.
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The glider is the part of the Pac-n-Zoom system that promotes the primitive vector into the final output. The final output might be raster or another form of vector.
a type of seat used on porches or in gardens, which is mounted on a frame so that it may glide forward and backward.
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a translating oscillator
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a non-motorized flying machine (and very hard to control
a sail plane that has no motor
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Type of dual action elliptical machine.
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A thin flat brush for applying varnishes.
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a special kind
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One who, or that which, glides.