Definitions for "Glandular"
of or relating to glands, the main secretory organs of organisms; glandular skin has many glands, whereas aglandular skin has few or none.
Covered with secretory or excretory glands. Parent Term: Leaf_blade_glands_etc
Supplements derived from animal glands, which may boost human gland function . See: Thymus
Dietary ingredients or supplements that are made from the glands of animals.
Containing or supporting glands; consisting of glands; pertaining to glands.
Pertaining to a gland.
Epithelial cells that produce a secretion
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Small, usually shiny bumps on the surface.
Functioning as a gland.
an extract of a specific organ or gland, given to support the functioning of that organ
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Bearing glands.
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supplied with glands or similar structures.
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Relating to a gland.
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See Gland.
With glands, or gland-like.
Having glands.