Definitions for "Glance"
a companion piece to the Achieving the Six Core Results report
a companion piece to the Faith and Substance abuse report
a companion piece to the Faith community and immigration report
Keywords:  oblique, dart, hasty, hath, quick
A quick cast of the eyes; a quick or a casual look; a swift survey; a glimpse.
To strike and fly off in an oblique direction; to dart aside. "Your arrow hath glanced".
To look with a sudden, rapid cast of the eye; to snatch a momentary or hasty view.
An incidental or passing thought or allusion.
To make an incidental or passing reflection; to allude; to hint; -- often with at.
To hint at; to touch lightly or briefly.
Keywords:  overview, toefl, aca, test, new
a general overview of the ACA standards
an overview of the new TOEFL Internet-based test
Glance is a geeklog plugin to extend the publishing capabilities of Geeklog sites via Weblog APIs, advanced metadata tagging, and expanded calendar functions.
a pamphlet published twice each year that contains updated data on the major statistics and program expenditures for the year
To move quickly, appearing and disappearing rapidly; to be visible only for an instant at a time; to move interruptedly; to twinkle.
a mineral with a glassy appearance. Specific examples include
rebound after hitting; "The car caromed off several lampposts"
a hypertext-based classification of the current release of the Protein Databank (PDB)
a selection of short reviews of current music releases
Keywords:  splendor, flash, shine, shoot, emit
A sudden flash of light or splendor.
To shoot or emit a flash of light; to shine; to flash.
a book that Stolin Software
a powerful, user friendly, affordable purchasing software system designed by purchasing agents to help manage the department functions with greater ease and efficiency
A name given to some sulphides, mostly dark-colored, which have a brilliant metallic luster, as the sulphide of copper, called copper glance.
a detailed outline of the itinerary we have prepared for you
an up and coming original band from Philadelphia, PA
a six-page brochure that highlights the most recent indicators of social and economic conditions in rural areas for use in developing policies and programs to assist rural areas
a valuable resource for businesses and organizations
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a video only connection between you and the person at whom you are glancing