Definitions for "GIS"
Geographic Information System. A computer-based information system designed to handle georeferenced data which has also the capability to efficiently capture, store, update, manipulate, analyze, display and output a full range of geographical data. Output can be in many forms: either as tables, graphics, or maps.
Geographic Information System. A highway network (spatial data which geographically represents the geometry of the highways, an electronic map) and its geographically referenced component attributes data that are integrated through GIS technology to perform analysis.
geographic information system. the complete sequence of components for acquiring, processing, storing and managing spatial data
Geografiese Inligting Stelsel-tegnologie
eographical nformation ystem ( NIS [ etwork nformation ervices] Server).
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Greater Insurance Service, Inc. administers WREA’s dental/vision and prescription drug/vision member benefit
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Giant Sword
Guaranteed Income Supplement. In Canada, a supplemental monthly benefit available to Old Age Security (OAS) recipients who receive less income than a stated amount.
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Gulf Independent States
Graphical user interface (GUI) Guarantee