Definitions for "girlfriend"
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Girlfriend was a five-girl pop group from Australia, formed in the early 1990s. Their debut album Make It Come True was released in 1992 and became a major hit in Australia with hit songs such as Take It From Me and Without You. After the departure of member Robyn Loau, the group changed its name to GF4.
Girlfriend is the third album by Matthew Sweet, his most commercially and critically successful album to date. The cover features a photograph of actress Tuesday Weld from the late 1950s. Originally called Nothing Lasts, the album was retitled following objections to the title from Weld.
"Girlfriend" was the fifth and last single to be released by singer Michael Jackson from his hugely-successful album, Off the Wall in 1980. The single was only released in the UK, where it performed rather poorly, just managing to enter the top 50 at #41 and falling out of the top 100 completely after five weeks.
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any female friend; as, Mary and her girlfriend organized the party.
a girl or young woman with whom a man is romantically involved; as, his girlfriend kicked him out.
1) any friend, either a woman or a gay man 2) a lesbian's lover
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a terrific chick lit tale because of the pace applied to the blossoming of Jane into a woman in love
a girl you have multiple intimate encounters with
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