Definitions for "girandole"
Keywords:  brooch, pendant, pear, pearl, hang
jhee rahn DOLE] lit., chandelier. Form of earring or brooch with three pear-shaped pendent drops, suspended from a central stone or motif, often a bow.
2 An elaborate US made clock, resembling a banjo clock, designed c. 1818 with gilded decorations, including scrolls, festoons and birds. 3 In jewellery, pearl or gem drops suspended in groups of three or more from an earring, pendant or brooch.
A piece of jewelry that has 3 dangling, pear shaped pendants.
An ornate ornamental branched candlestick, often with a mirror at the back.
A flower stand, fountain, or the like, of branching form.
a mirror with candle sconces attached
Keywords:  revolving, firework, kind
A kind of revolving firework.
Keywords:  mines, defensive, chambers, series
A series of chambers in defensive mines.