Definitions for "Ginseng"
A plant of the genus Aralia, the root of which is highly valued as a medicine among the Chinese. The Chinese plant (Aralia Schinseng) has become so rare that the American (A. quinquefolia) has largely taken its place, and its root is now an article of export from America to China. The root, when dry, is of a yellowish white color, with a sweetness in the taste somewhat resembling that of licorice, combined with a slight aromatic bitterness.
Stimulates immune system and helps the body to overcome and recover from stress and fatigue. Has a beneficial effect upon the heart and circulation and is used to normalize blood pressure. Strengthens the adrenal and reproductive glands.
An herb (Korean - Panax Ginseng) (Siberian - Eleutherococcus senticosus) (American - panax quinqefolium),. The most costly root, ginseng is a low-growing, shade-loving perennial herb of the Araliaceae family. It is cultivated in China, Japan, Korea and Russia and can be taken in capsule form or as a tea. The United States can also cultivate this root.
high pectin (polysaccharides) content moisturizes dry hair; contains panthenol and biotin to add moisture and fullness. Used in moisture benefits shampoo and moistue balancing conditoner.
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Revitalizing, Toning
Considered to be a tonic. Believed to be nourishing due to its vitamin and hormone content. It is taken orally and is also felt to have energy boosting capabilities.
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Healing properties, helps increase circulation.