Definitions for "Gingham"
Keywords:  plaid, dyed, stripes, cotton, malay
A kind of cotton or linen cloth, usually in stripes or checks, the yarn of which is dyed before it is woven; -- distinguished from printed cotton or prints.
Gingham is a plain-woven fabric, initially made exclusively od cotton fabric. The strongm seviceable nature of the fabric makes its ideal for children's summer clothing. It has been worn more by girls than boys, but French and other European boys did wear gingham smocks in the first half of the 20th century. Some of the bows worn by boys in the late 19th century appear to have been made of gingham fabric. Gingham was especially popular in France and was valled "vichy" because that city was known for the production of the fabric.
A Plain-weave, Light-weight Cotton Fabric, Approximately Square In Construction, In Which Dyed Yarns, Or White And Dyed Yarns, Form Small Checks Or, Less Usually, Narrow Stripes., Note: If Fibers Other Than Cotton Are Used The Term Should Be Suitably Qualified (e.g. Viscose Rayon Gingham).