Definitions for "gilt"
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A female pig, when young.
Female hog until second pregnancy.
Female of swine, under 1 year of age.
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imp. & p. p. of Gild.
Gilded; covered with gold; of the color of gold; golden yellow.
Gold, or that which resembles gold, laid on the surface of a thing; gilding.
A bond issued by the UK government. Gilts are the UK equivalent of a U.S. Treasury security.
UK bonds are called Gilt Edged Securities, or Gilts for short. More on Bond bets Click Here
Secure bonds issued by the UK government also known as 'gilt edged securities' or 'fixed interest securities'. Gilts are bought at their par value or at face value. Most gilts are 'dated' which means that at a fixed date in the future, the par value will be repaid to the investor. The categories or time frames for gilts tend to be: Short dated gilts ('shorts') - these have a life of up to 5 years. Medium dated ('mediums') - these have a life of 5 - 15 years. and Long dated ('longs') - have a life of 15 years or more.
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a sow that has never given birth
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Gilt is a music album by artists Machines of Loving Grace which was released in 1995.
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Grant In Lieu of Taxes
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