Definitions for "Gills"
respiratory organs attached to the proximal (uppermost) end of the maxillae and walking legs; sites of gas exchange in the crayfish and many other aquatic animals
structures that allow fish to exchange gases with their environment.
organs for air exchange (respiration) in water-living animals.
radiating plate-like spore bearing organs on the underside of mushroom caps (lamellae)
see lamellae.
Thin sheetlike curtains that usually bear spores. They are radially arranged under the caps of certain mushrooms.
DIAGRAMS: PHOTOS: Coprinus / Coprinus Ginkgo biloba The Ginkgo is in the genus Ginkgo and the division Ginkgophyta. It is characterized by fruits that that are fleshy and produce buteric acid. The leaves are fan-shaped and strongly resemble the leaves of maiden-hair fern. These trees are native to China and are now found all over the world because people have carried them there to grow. In Oriental countries they are typically found planted around temples and various shrines. DIAGRAMS: Ginkgo biloba PHOTOS