Definitions for "Gig"
A job for a specified, usually short period of time; -- used especially for the temporary engagements of an entertainer, such as a jazz musician or a rock group; as, a one-week gig in Las Vegas.
Slang for concert (classical).
a booking for musicians; "they played a gig in New Jersey"
A light carriage, with one pair of wheels, drawn by one horse; a kind of chaise.
A one horse carriage, light with only two wheels that became fashionable in the early 1800â€(tm)s as a modest all purpose country cart, sort of the Model T Ford of its day.
small two-wheeled horse-drawn carriage; with two seats and no hood
A long, light rowboat, generally clinkerbuilt, and designed to be fast; a boat appropriated to the use of the commanding officer; as, the captain's gig.
a ship's boat, generally light and narrow.
long and light rowing boat; especially for racing
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A kind of spear or harpoon. See Fishgig.
to impale or spear.
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To fish with a gig.
an implement with a shaft and barbed point used for catching fish
a cluster of hooks (without barbs) that is drawn through a school of fish to hook their bodies; used when fish are not biting
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To engender.
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A fiddle.
Approximately one billion bytes, or one thousand megabytes.
1000 MEGS or one billion bytes
This refers to approximately one billion bytes. To be specific, it is 2^30, or 1,073,741,824 bytes.
Grid Infrastructure Group at the University of Chicago.
Global Information Grid. The globally interconnected, end-to-end set of information capabilities, associated processes and personnel for collecting, processing, storing, disseminating, and managing information on demand to warfighters, policy makers, and support personnel. (DoD Directive 8100.1, Global Information Grid (GIG) Overarching Policy, 19 September 2002)
See Global Interest Group.
A rotatory cylinder, covered with wire teeth or teasels, for teaseling woolen cloth.
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See sulky.
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That which pays for booze.
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A playful or wanton girl; a giglot.
a regular sexual partner a young girl or boy has on the side, while being in a steady relationship
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to gig - a demerit, to cite for a rule violation
A top or whirligig; any little thing that is whirled round in play.
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gigabytes GPU graphics adapter
Napoleonic Association(UK), Battle. (ie 'It's a 40 minute gig) .
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Gig is a live album by the hardcore band Circle Jerks.
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To blade yourself or someone else. Example: "New Jack gigged that kid way too deep."
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stands for "get-in-gear", the first activity of our school day.
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