Definitions for "Gid"
A disease of sheep, characterized by vertigo; the staggers. It is caused by the presence of the C?nurus, a larval tapeworm, in the brain. See C?nurus.
Disorientation caused by cysticerci in the brain; usually manifested by staggering or whirling.
Gender identity disorder. A strong and persistent cross-gender identification. [Go to source
Gender Identity Disorder. usually refers to GD or associated symptoms; the profoundest form is Transsexualism.  Also version - GID in Children, see Mermaids
gender identity disorder. A mental disorder invented by psychiatrists in the 1980's to compensate for loss of business when homosexuality was declared to not be a disease. The phrase is constantly being redefined, lacks a scientific basis, but presumably means something about transgender expression.
A number, usually associated with a group name, used by the system to identify the group owner of files and directories. The GID of a process becomes the group owner of files created by the process and descendant processes. A GID identifies a group of UIDs.
(group identification number) (n.) The number used by the system to control access to accounts owned by other users.
Group Identifier. The GID is a unique number attributed to a group of users.
In Windows 95, a file with a ".gid" suffix is a global index file. Windows 95 sometimes creates these files to hold information about a help file (the global index file has the same name as the help file but with the .gid suffix) and stores them as hidden files in the same directory as the help files.
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Help index files created when Windows help (.hlp) files are accessed to provide a faster search.
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