Definitions for "Gibson"
United States illustrator remembered for his creation of the `Gibson girl' (1867-1944)
a martini garnished with a tiny white onion
a standard dry martini that is garnished with a cocktail onion instead of an olive
Gibson is a station on the Long Island Rail Road's Far Rockaway Branch in the Gibson section of Valley Stream, in Nassau County, New York, United States. The station is located at Gibson Boulevard and Munro Boulevard, South of Sunrise Highway, and is 18.6 miles (29.9 km) from Penn Station in Midtown Manhattan.
A less flamboyant version of the leg-of-mutton sleeve (see below).
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Australian actor (born in the United States in 1956)
United States tennis player who was the first Black woman player to win all the major world singles titles (born in 1927)
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Gibson is a company that makes guitars.