Definitions for "Giants"
A giant oil field is defined as containing 500 million barrels of oil recoverable, and a giant gas field contains 3 trillion cubic feet of gas. Source Halbouty, M., "Giant Oil and Gas Fields of the Decade 1990-2000", Online version of presentation at Symposium, AAPG Convention, Denver, CO, June 5, 2001
The giants of Jotunheim in Marvel Comics are a fictional race of people based on the giants of actual Norse legends.
Giants are frames which are longer than the maximum Ethernet size (1518 or 1522 bytes). Giant packets usually occur when you have a jabbering node on your network; one that is continuously transmitting, or transmitting improperly for short bursts-probably due to a bad transmitter on the NIC. Giants can also be caused by packets being corrupted as they are transmitted, either by the addition of garbage signals, or by the corruption of the bits that indicate frame size.
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FHLMC MBSs created when older pools that have been reduced to small outstanding balances (i.e., low current face) as a result of cumulative prepayments are combined to create new securities with larger remaining balances. Giants may be either fixed- or adjustable-rate securities.