Definitions for "ghosting"
An unwanted, secondary image that appears on a print
A weak, secondary, ghost-like duplicate video image within another video image caused by the undesired mixing of the primary signal and a delayed version of the same signal.
Undesirable faint double screen image caused by signal reflection or improperly balanced video circuitry.
Collusion among two or more market makers to manipulate a stocks price. This...
An illegal practice that consists in collusion of two or more market makers in order to manipulate stock price.
The illegal practice that one firm drives a stock's price higher or lower, while other conspiring firms follow its lead to influence up the price of the stock.
Non-uniform sheen of paint resulting in a shadowed effect. Usually caused by lack of a primer or sealer, or poor quality ones.
In monitors, shadows and streaking due to drastic changes in onscreen intensity are referred to as ghosting. It is common to see white or black shadows to the right of a solid bar drawn on the screen.
A shadowed effect in a paint film which when applied is not uniform in sheen due to lack of suitable primer.
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An error that can occur in such indirect printing processes as offset when screen dots have double or multiple contours. It can be observed in single-color printing, but more often in multi-color printing. Faulty printing of this type increases the screen tonal value and leads to dot gain. This slight shift in the position of the printing elements is caused by register fluctuations during printing, which may themselves be caused by the paper or the press.
Streaking in areas of solid coverage often caused by rectangular windows or bars in the color area. BOPI's high-end MAN Roland presses are designed to eliminate virtually all ghosting issues.
see Offsetting
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A haze-like deposit of an adhesive left by a tape after its removal.
A haze-like deposit left over after the removal of tape from a polished surface.
Ghosting is a form of identity theft in which someone steals the identity, and sometimes even the role within society, of a specific dead person (the "ghost") who is not widely known to be deceased. Usually, the person who steals this identity (the "ghoster") is roughly the same age that the ghost would have been if still alive, so that any documents citing the birthdate of the ghost will not be conspicuously incorrect if appropriated by the thief now claiming to be that person.
A condition where segments which are in the "off" condition become slightly visible.
A phenomenon occurring when voltage from an energized element leaks to an adjacent OFF element and turns the adjacent element partially ON.
goldbricking or sandbagging; fucking off
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To make headway when there is no apparent wind
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See Clashed Die.
The simulation of a technique in classical animation where an animator rapidly flips through a handful of cell drawings to get a feel for the timing of the action he is working on. Ghosting is useful to sketch out and visualize the flow of a character's motion through an animation, and to solve problems with the timing of that motion. In other software packages, this term may refer to template.
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gilt-edged Ginnie Mae
A signal interference condition producing positive or negative pictures displaced in time from the desired picture, caused by multi-path signal reception.  Ghost pictures also result from cable ringing.
Television interference (ghosting)
the convention in technical illustration of showing interior components or mechanisms of an object as if seen through the outer layers.
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See cross talk.
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See Photographing.