Definitions for "gfe "
Good Faith Estimate. MP] The form that lists the settlement charges the borrower must pay at closing, which the lender is obliged to provide the borrower within three business days of receiving the loan application.
Good Faith Efforts
Government Financial Estimates
The prostitute provide a girlfriend type experience, ( Treats you like her girlfriend,kissing, etc)
Girl Friend Experience, A subjective term, but usually used as praise for a very passionate, sensual, non-mechanical experience. Most consider deep french kissing a baseline requirement for GFE.
Girl Friend Experience - usually a term reserved for escorts, but it has spilled over into strip club lingo. Not sure if it's a good thing though, as I have never had a girlfriend give me a nasty grinding lap dance. I'd much rather have a HASE.
Abbreviation for Group Format Error, the absolute nemesis of all Pick machines. The presence of one or more GFE's indicate that the data structure has become corrupted for one of about 20 different possible reasons and that data loss may be imminent. As any true-blue programmer will testify, GFE's are almost always caused by hardware and/or power problems. Generally, the appearance of GFE's indicates that it's time to head for your favorite bar while the local team of witch doctors exorcises your machine. Contrary to popular belief, however, you do not have to do a full restore when these appear. Most of them can be corrected by relatively painless surgical procedures.
See Government Furnished Equipment
Government Furnished Equipment. Government Furnished Equipment (GFE) is equipment used during asset's lifecycle that is not property of the PMO (e.g., machine tools, test equipment, furniture, vehicles, and accessory and auxiliary items).
The girl is warm and affectionate. Some women take great pride in their work and are really interested in making you feel pampered and treated special. The treatment can feel like being with a lover.
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GNU font editor is an integrated font editor at an early stage of development. Currently, it can edit only BDF font files.