Definitions for "Gewurztraminer"
Keywords:  geh, alsace, ner, traminer, spicy
Fine white grape producing characteristically full-flavored "spicey" wines; native to the Alsace region and important in Germany, central Europe and California.
(geh- vurtz-tra- mee-ner) a pink grape variety used to make a distinctively spicy-flavor white wine.
(geh-vairtz'-tra-mee'-ner) One of the great white wine grapes of the world, often overlooked in the US. The name means "spicy" traminer (traminer being a related type of grape). The pungent aroma of the grape can be delightful, and because of the name of the grape, the nose is referred to as "spice." The use of the word "spice" without qualification, there are many types of spice, is reserved for discussions of Gewurztraminer. Often made in a sweet style, except in Alsace, France, where they make wines rich and full, rather than sweet.