Definitions for "Gestation period"
The period from conception to birth.
Length of time between conception and birth.
the period of development of the young in viviparous animals, from the time of zygote formation (fertilization) until birth The ghost crab, Ocypode pallidula,gets its name comes from its ability to blend in with sand, then alternately “appear” and “disappear" while making rapid sharp directional changes (Photo: Keoki and Yuko Stender)
The period of carrying young in the uterus, as applied to placental mammals; the period of pregnancy.
The period of embryonic development in mammals.
Duration of pregnancy, averages 283 days (9 months) in cattle; 5 months in sheep; 11 months in horses and 4 months in pigs.
a good thing, but three years is a long time to keep the passion going and keep the full team together
sale gestation period typically refers to the the time from enquiry to sale, the Sales Cycle in other words, (see Sales Cycle). Aawareness and monitoring of Sale Gestation Period/Sales Cycle times are crucial in sales planning, forecasting and management, for individuals sales teams and sales organizations.