Definitions for "Geophone"
A small device implanted in the lunar surface during the deployment of the ASK to detect vibrations of the Moon from artificial and natural sources.
a small, cheap instrument for measuring ground motion
a device to transform seismic energy (movement) to an electrical voltage – voltage that is proportional to the velocity of the seismic wave motion.
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The geophone is a percussion instrument, invented by the French composer Olivier Messiaen for use in his piece for piano and orchestra Des canyons aux étoiles… ("From the canyons to the stars…"). It consists of a drum filled with thousands of small lead pellets, and is played by swirling it around slowly so that the noise of the pellets resembles the sound of dry shifting earth.
a sensitive directional microphone mounted in a weatherproof casing with a spike on the end
a very sensitive sensor
a spring pendulum couped to an induction coil