Definitions for "Geometry"
That branch of mathematics which investigates the relations, properties, and measurement of solids, surfaces, lines, and angles; the science which treats of the properties and relations of magnitudes; the science of the relations of space.
A treatise on this science.
(n) The mathematical method by which elements in space are described and manipulated. Geometry forms the building blocks of engineering and technical graphics. The term is also used to mean shape or form.
Anything constructed out of triangles in the level, such as StaticMeshes, BSP, Terrain, etc.
Short-form for ST_GeometricPrimitive. A geometry is a single ST_GeometricPrimitive., such as an ST_Polyline, ST_Polygon., ST_Point, etc....
a collection of geometrical information about vertex locations, polygons, materials, surface normals, etc
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The only thing that put the fear of God into Angela.
is derived from the conjunction of the Greek word for the Earth, Geos, and the term for "to measure", metros. Literally then, Geometry means "to measure the Earth". According to the Greek legends the first things created out of the "chaos" were the earth, Gaia and the sky, Ouranos (which would become Uranus in Latin). The Greek word Gaia was a name not only for the earth, but for the goddess of the Earth. Although the Greeks and the Latins pronounced the word Gay' yuh it came into English pronounced more like Jee' uh from which we get the many Geos rooted words such as geography and geology.
Geometry Specifies the size and position of the window. Typically, you will only specify the position and let the size default to the actual size of the image.
preferred size and location of the Image window.
Refers to the size of structures created on an integrated circuit. The structures typically referenced are the width of the tracks and the length of the transistor's channels; the dimensions of other features are derived as ratios of these structures.
Geometry (1988) is an album by the American ambient and electronic musician Robert Rich. This album is more active and structured than any of his previous works. The music was inspired in part by the complex patterns of Islamic designs like those found at the Alhambra, and features complex just intonation.
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Geometry is handy program to aid the solving of Geometry, Trigonometry, and related Algebra problems, released under the terms of the GNU General Public License.
Is how square the image is. Some display types liked plasma and LCD panels do not have problems with this. Direct view CRT and rear projection sets frequently have problems that can be improved with calibration.
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When referring to disk drives, the physical characteristics of the disk drive's internal organization. Note that a disk drive may report a "logical geometry" that is different from its "physical geometry," normally to get around BIOS-related limitations. See also Cylinder, Head and Sector.
How many cylinders, sectors per cylinder and heads a disk drive has.
a very abstract class, encapsulating both the concepts of traditional geometry as well as other classes containing measured data, and organizational methods used to organize these traditional geometry and other 'real' data classes within an environment.
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an ordered sequence of vertices that are connected by straight line segments or circular arcs
A circuit line or etched feature on a chip.
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an ordered pair (S,G), where S is some set and G is any group acting on S