Definitions for "Genetic"
Of or pertaining to genes or genetics; as, the genetic code.
The study of the transmission of biological traits from one generation to the next.
Pertaining to or carried by genes. Hereditary
Genetic is/will be a console and X based frontend to Gentoo Portage based on a yast2 concept.
Determined by the genes that are formed at conception and combine to make us into the person that we are at birth.
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To do with inheritance
Genetic, in linguistics, means due to descent from a common ancestor language, rather than borrowing at some time in the past between languages that were not necessarily descended from a common ancestor.
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Having to do with genes. Genes are structures found in every cell of the body that contain information that directs the activities of cells, thus controlling the way a person develops.
Giving origin to. G. nucleus, a group of nerve cells whose axons make up a motor nerve.
Having to do with genes, structures found in every cell of the body. Each gene contains information that directs the activities of cells and controls the way an individual develops.
Diversity- Genes in a species composed of distinct elements.
Resulting from, or produced by, soil-forming processes; for example, a genetic soil profile or a genetic horizon.
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See Genetic theory of knowledge
when you have a feature or characteristic passed down by someone in your family
means it runs in families.
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Passed on from parent to child at birth.
Engineering the investigation of genes and how they can be used to change how the body works
Genetic is a term used when something is based on or determined by genes.
determined by genes or chromosomes.
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Having to do with genes and genetic information.
Same as Genetical.