Definitions for "Genes "
Pieces of DNA that occupy specific locations on chromosomes and that control different activities and details of a person's makeup and function (e.g., eye color, production of certain enzymes, etc.).
Basic units of hereditary characteristics passed on through reproduction (part of chromosomes).
The hereditary material coded in cells that determine how an organism will look and behave. A gene is a single unit located on a chromosome and is thereby passed from one generation to the next. Genes are what makes each species and individual unique. For example, genes are responsible for hair colour and texture in humans.
The blueprints for how a cell functions, how long it will live, and how frequently it will make a copy of itself.
The functional units of a cell's genetic code. Genes provide information to the cell that controls and directs its activities.
the small parts of material which make up the centre of a cell and control the qualities in a living thing.
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Genes is a personal genealogy application for use on Linux systems.
A personal genealogy application for use on Linux systems. Data is read from a GEDCOM file and shown in a GUI. This project is still in alpha, so any help is welcome.
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The Genetic Network of New York, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands
an important question in evolutionary biology
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carrier of genetic information
The stuff that God gave every living kind separately as instructions on how to make their bodies. Can lose information to aid in adaptation, but can not gain information. [See Information.
an unusually complex procedure, and not comparable with many of the more rapid forms of genetic testing
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a graphical environment
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See: gene