Definitions for "General cargo"
1. Cargo, consisting of goods, either unpacked or packed, e.g. in cartons, crates, boxes, bags or bales, sometimes palletized, but not stowed in shipping containers. Such general cargo can either be shipped in breakbulk or containerized. 2. (in aircargo) Any consignment that is not a consignment consisting of valuable cargo and which is charged for transport at standard general cargo rates.
Consists of both containerized and breakbulk goods, in contrast to bulk cargo. General cargo operations produce more jobs than bulk handling.
Cargo, consisting of goods, unpacked or packed, for example in cartons, crates, bags or bales, often palletized. General cargo can be shipped either in break-bulk or containerized. Any consignment other than a consignment containing valuable cargo and charged for transport at general cargo rates (air cargo).
Relatively high-value freight consisting of manufactured, processed, or packaged products.